Words, Pixels and Sound Waves

This is a first attempt to use the podcasting capabilities of Word Press. I’d like to have a streamlined way to add audio segments a couple of times a week. It will be crude at first. This is far from finished. Meanwhile, one file uploaded, the polished front end to listen will have to wait.

This was my holiday post of 2009 which corresponded with our first decade here on Goose Creek, recorded at WVTF and broadcast 21 Dec 2009. Click the player to listen. (Will have to tweak to NOT show the file link too. Life at the shallow end of the learning curve…FF)

UPDATE: Lurching forward through the bog of unknown code and gobbledygook, I now have a PODCAST category on the blog and a feed reader link for future audio posts. (There will be a persistent podcast icon-link in the right sidebar.) I’m sinking deep in the details of getting a podcast feed to iTunes. Will be considering other “front ends” to make the feed findable, open to ideas!

This Old House Dec 09

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  1. You want the download link in addition to the player, actually, for three reasons: not everyone has Flash; feed readers need the download link to detect the audio and insert a player of their own; and if you submit your feed to iTunes, it definitely needs the link (but you can’t have more than one audio link per post if you want podcatchers like iTunes to pick them up).

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