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Fragments from Floyd

Creek Jots / Friday March 4


The Blue Ridges of Home: From a Distance

â–¶ Before I forget, here’s the third of three “picture cards” (I’m searching for a name for these 6×8 borderless heavy-stock cards) I’ll have for local sale soon. The image was taken through a (typically-dirty) porthole window, about mid-flight between Atlanta and Roanoke. My guess is we were somewhere near Asheville/Black Mountain.


â–¶ If I’d had this wireless air travel map-app, I would have known exactly where I was when I took the image above. I’ve fantasized about just exactly this kind of possibility. If you think I made a point to get window seats before… Unfortunately, I forgot to tell my daughter about this travel requirement, and I’ll be sitting between the fat lady and the crying baby on the way out to Seattle in May.

â–¶ I thought surely this must be wrong. It was too unlikely to be true: an authority on mind-brain-self is recently afflicted with a rare brain dysfunction called Prosopagnosia or face-blindness. Dr. Oliver Sachs, author of “The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat” and Musicophilia, can now describe a similar bizarre mental aberration from the inside, out.

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2 thoughts on “Creek Jots / Friday March 4”

  1. Seeing your card image reminds me that one of the few places I haven’t flown over are those mountains we love.

    Great shot…

  2. I really like the cats on/off option on the travel app. Now, if they could only invent a crying baby or fat lady on/off option on adjacent seat selection…

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