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Fragments from Floyd

Fragments LinkOrama 8Jan08

Magnetic Field Can Reduce Swelling: I’ve confessed to using them, I’ve imagined they helped, and I never thought it was just placebo. Recent research substantiates the possible efficacy of magnets in pain management.

Entomological Eye Candy: Glamorous Insects. Prepare to be dazzled. Could you take a rolled up newspaper to any of these strikingly beautiful “bugs”?

Speaking of Which: A full length movie about the disappearing bees, a six minute excerpt is here.

Mom’s Obesity at Conception May Set Stage for Offspring’s Obesity Risk. Note: that’s  before you’d know you were preggers.

The mythical midrange Mac minitower: this makes the sound “Mmmmmmmm!” I’d like one. Not likely in my lifetime, so MacPro (ouch!) if the book and notecards booste The Fund sufficiently.

We All Live Downstream. Youth Writing Competition: Topic: Mountaintop Coal Removal. Click for details.

Fire in the Hole: deep-earth coal fires smoulder all over the world. Can they be extinguished?

DIY Toxin-Free Cleaning Guide  Especially a good idea if you or your kids are asthma-or-allergy-prone.

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  1. I have used magnets on my back and they do help. I think they concentrate heat in the area they are placed and I know that helps.

    Those bugs are magnificent!

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