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Fragments from Floyd

Friday Shorts 28 March

I’m happy to direct you to Bell Gallery and Garden’s new website. And to the actual location, of course. Great work, Billy and JoAnn, and Doug on the web work.

Nature Find— get out there. Take the kids.   No excuses  Related: Amphibian Facts Hearing spring peepers yet?

Arts Council of the Blue Ridge  See what’s being created, performed and imagined near Floyd

Business of Writing: Algonquin sends a curt “not for us” in the SASE. At least it was quick. Five of five agents who accept email queries yawned.

Soft Worn: Firefox extensions Rapidowrite (insert frequently used text); Reminderfox (alarmed reminders and to-dos) and Tree Style Tabs (vertical sidebar tabs).

My replacement brain-on-Mac: DevonthinkPro and here’s why.

Moving Pictures: World Wide Telescope  and The Waldo Ultimatum

Oooh. And as I type the date in the title block just now, the tattered pink Rolodex of Fragmented Fred Events spins back, far back to this day in the life: 40 years ago today, our first date. We’ve stuck it out. Sticky business, marriage.

3 thoughts on “Friday Shorts 28 March”

  1. That is so romantic: to know the date of your first date. No wonder the marriage has stuck. Congratulations on your 40th!

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