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Fragments from Floyd

Jots is All I Got

â–¶ I will be making an attempt to have one or more teenagers abandon the notion that they are NOT the center of the universe. Wish me luck. I’ll be thinking through that for noon-45 while I set in a committee meeting for two hours before. 

â–¶ I am, after all, going to make time to post for Blog Action Day on Wednesday. The topic is Human Rights. My premise is this:

The Declaration of Human Rights demands the right to participate in the cultural life of the community. I extend that idea of culture to include the profound living non-human influences on our society, and community to consist of more than just people.
Our children have the right to be exposed to and connected with the plant and animal life of the plant and animal/human community.

â–¶ We have a significant stinging insect issue. In the house. I got a sample from one of our invaders Saturday afternoon. My right index finger still hurts to the bone and itches terribly at the same time. But I have a plan. More about that, if I live to tell it.

â–¶ I have “dog and pony show” events on Thursday and Saturday. I am somewhat prepared.

â–¶ Saturday night is Movie Night (and Harvest Dinner) at the Floyd Country Store. Do come!

â–¶ Sort of busy. Soon, back to the debriefing from SEJ2013 in Chattanooga. It will take me some while to get through it all–for me, not you–because I don’t intend to not get my money’s worth from that investment!

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