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Fragments from Floyd

Linkorama for Monday 10 October

I have quite a few plates spinning this morning, and need to move to outdoor chores soon since we have rain coming in for a few days, mid week. So here are some of the latest SAVES from a long list in the JOTs browsing archive I keep in Notational Velocity. Surely at least one of them might seem interesting to a few passersby….

The Five Shot Rule Helps You Shoot Video Like a Broadcast Journalist: I’m getting a Flip Mino soon–because they were just too cheap to pass up. I may pass it on if the built-in movie app on the iPhone works as well.

Jason Fried: The New Workplace for the New Normal … – Input Output This guy knows more than a little on the workplace of the future.

Blue Ridge Mts Region Map  Nothing earth-shaking here for a Blue Ridge regular, but worth a look, just the same–especially if you hope to visit the region.

Doctors Urge N.Y. to Weigh Health Risks of Fracking –  We are still a long way from knowing the full story free of Big Oil bias.

Crab Pulsar gamma rays baffle scientists | TG Daily  The more we learn, the more we learn we don’t know.

Peter Christian Hall: Contagion Grips ‘Flublogia’  I got as far as the ticket window to see Contagion. Unfortunately and yet again, the freakin’ theatre changed the time on me overnight. Saved $7.

Glowworm – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  We’re seeing these in the very dark lately–an immature beetle that is bioluminescent like it’s summertime flying kin.

The Inside Story Of Occupy Wall Street | Fast Company We have not seen the last of this activism by a long shot.

Dark Energy: Real and Overwhelming – News Blog – Another verse of the same story: we don’t know jack.

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