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Fragments from Floyd

Monday Shorts


Rock Flippin’ Day 2008: I’ll let Dave Bonta tell you about the event–the second annual, no less. What a great idea to get kids–and grownups–outdoors peeking places they might otherwise never look for things they might otherwise never see. (The rock-flippin ‘coon is my entry from last year’s event.)

Floyd’s Farflung Flotsam: The county fails in the recycling department: 11% vs state average of 38%. But let’s not compare apples to oranges. Consider the potential for curbside pickup in New River Valley places that have curbs and consolidated neighborhoods versus rural counties where even with a half dozen recycling stations, most folks will have to remember to go extra miles with their recycleable cast-aways. Even so, doing better with paper, plastic and glass waste really should get a higher priority with both the county supervisors and county residents like me (who probably haven’t done enough in the way of demanding this service.)

Where Do The Children Play? Watch for a PBS documentary by that name. “children represent 20 percent of the world’s population but 100 percent of its future.”

2 thoughts on “Monday Shorts”

  1. Tiny raccoon compared to the family we have living in my neighborhood. They raid our dumpster. I think someone’s disposing nuclear waste or something that’s causing the raccoons to grow into giants.

  2. I would like to see the locations of the county recycling stations posted at each of the county dumpster sites. These signs should state what is recyclable. The phone number of the Floyd county recycling center should also be posted. (All this information can be found on page 175 of the 2008 Floyd phone book). If the county really wants to encourage people to recycle it should provide them with this information at the place the folks of Floyd county have to go to get rid of their trash the trash dumpsters.

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