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Fragments from Floyd

More Shorts for Cold Weather

Here is served more high-fiber roughage, I suppose, that helps keep the old information digestion system moving regularly. One has to take the time to slow down and spend a few moments of quiet reflection, and just let go. Pass it on. Share and flush. You’re welcome. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

We Welcome Your Stories and Poems! | Chicken Soup for the Soul

I am waiting to see if my piece gets final approval (after two exchanges for edits and permissions.) If so, should be one of several dozen selections in Laughter is the Best Medicine in book stores in April.

17 Items That Require Climate Controlled Storage |

I hear from a staging professional that short term (in our case, hopefully max 4 months) the items in this list should be okay–in a POD–a storage option about which I’m coming up to speed and welcome your experiences.

‘Observe everything’: Neil Gaiman’s celebration of culture’s journey from science to knowledge | Aeon Videos

The graphics are worth the viewing, the text lifts up humanity’s–and especially women’s–evolution from superstition to science. (and maybe back again? stay tuned. News at 6.)

Today I Learned That Not Everyone Has An Internal Monologue And It Has Ruined My Day. | Inside My Mind

I think I want to riff on this at some length–at least that is what the voice inside my head has discussed with me. You don’t hear it?

Signed up for 100GB Google Drive at $20/year

What the heck. Google docs and spreadsheets are pretty useful, and Google Photos–now I can back up full-res versions and free up iCloud and iPhotos on the iPhone. iCan.

iPhone Stuck on Spinning Wheel? Here’s Every Fix You Need to Know

I’ve had a smart phone since 2008, an iPhone since 2010, and thought I’d had every possible weirdness bring my device to the brink of tragedy. Nope. Had another last week, this page helped.

Get Started with Earth Engine  |  Google Earth Engine

Google Earth repository over time: check out a favorite location, the click TIMELAPSE. Not uncommonly, find contiguous forest fragmented or missing, fields or asphalt taking over.

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  1. Yikes. I did not know about needing climate controlled storage. Thank you for the information. I also really enjoyed the mushroom poem video.

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