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Fragments from Floyd

My My My!

▶ My Neck of the Woods: Apple Ridge Farm summer camp blends nature with academics. FloydFest adds cash to Southwest Virginia’s economy . And a brand spanking new website exploring arts, crafts and culture of Southwest Virginia, that is a great resource if you hope to visit our region.

▶ My BellyButton Biodiversity Farm: our navel zoo hosts novel and unique organisms. Isn’t this world an interesting place?

▶ My Cosmic Waterpark: The Oldest, Largest Body Of Water In Existence. You really need to wrap your head around this one. Or at least look at the image.

▶ (Not) My Father’s Oldsmobile:  Today’s Weather ~  Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters Are The New Normal …and “the Trouble with Normal” from Fragments, 2009

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