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Fragments from Floyd

Paper or Plastic?

Maybe I’ve quit my day job. I had five patients scheduled today, and four of them cancelled. A full day of work ahead of me, and I’m home by 10 a.m. Is it my breath? My bedside manner? And these were patients I hadn’t even met before!

My second life as a physical therapist may be giving way to a third life as a–I dunno what–maybe a greeter at–no, I can’t even say it. Maybe a WINGJUMPER! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

4 thoughts on “Paper or Plastic?”

  1. They’re just busy. I seriously considered cancelling tomorrow’s annual doctor-check-up – the only reason I didn’t is that I’d have to wait another four months to get a new appt.

  2. Maybe it was meant to make you think about your second work life, and what you would really enjoy doing, if you were to start a third work life.

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