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Putting Things Off: Gotta Luv Me

Okay, I’m paying for my procrastination–on several fronts.

I put off getting up a blog post I’ve been thinking about (blog posts these days being mostly personal writing exercises and archived ruminations.) The one I had in mind to dig deeper into was on the phenomenon of aging.  I’ll post some gathered links for your elaboration into a conclusion and post them soon perhaps, in the absence of adequate time remaining before other deadlines for me to do the compiling and reflecting.

And I have put off cleaning those parts of the house afflicted with “your clutter” as she so affectionately calls anything I have going on that is not among her list of marching orders. We have company coming (Events on the calendar are larger than they appear!) and I have “turned this place into a pig sty unfit for human habitation.” [She is the Queen, among other things, of both Hyperbole and ANNgst. Gotta luv her. And say Yes M’am! She is actually leaving me to my own recognisance today. Usually NOT a good thing to do.]

So I am setting an alarm and will work like a house afire for however many 30 minute stretches it takes to get the job done, work interspersed with splitting wood, browsing, napping, reading and adoring the Most Worthy Animal. Now where is my apron and feather duster!

I am burning to disk the Wendell Berry slide show thingy and hope that works. It’s too big to put up on YouTube et cetera, and shrinking it to .mov format does very bad things to the quality. So you’ll have to come see it in person Friday.

If you don’t have your Wendell tickets, you can still get them online and at the SustainFloyd office in The Station in downtown Floyd.

On a abruptly different note, watch for some good news from SustainFloyd in the next day or so. Boy do we have our work cut out for us–in a good way–and to the benefit of school menus and local foods in the diets of our kids!

Also more coming soon about the end-of-year fund-raiser, Dine for a Cause, on December 8. Members and non-members, you won’t want to miss this event!

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