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Fragments from Floyd

Show and Tell

Mostly show. I got other fish to fry this morning. Again. So here are some visuals from the gum ball machine to stimulate your eyeballs and your imaginations.

Blueberries: Mars rover discovers geological mystery | What are these things? The are round, regular and abundant. Martian rabbit pellets is my guess.

Remarkable new monkey discovered in remote Congo rainforest Only a mother could love it. Hey wait. That’s what they said when I was born.

Wounded Eagle Gets New 3D Printed Beak  Bird gets printed pecker. The imagination runs wild.

A Berry So Shiny, It’s Irresistible (And Inedible) : NPR I never ever saw such a thing as this that was not made in China.

Brain Tapeworms Cause Neurocysticercosis, A Creepily Common Parasitic Disease (PHOTO) Take a look at the infected brain. Looks like swiss cheese gone south. This is one of quite a number of diseases whose range is marching northward as things heat up. This disease does not affect Republicans who do not believe in pandemics.

2 thoughts on “Show and Tell”

  1. about that link to the new monkey discovery.
    That’s no monkey, I believe I know that guy . I’m always tempted to ask him “Why the long face?”

    Also, that link about the Eagle with the new damaged beak. All I saw there was a beautiful, young woman and there’s nothing wrong with her beak.
    Thanks for sharing. I’m glad I had already eaten breakfast. Some of that stuff turned my stomach and that’s almost impossible to do.

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