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Fragments from Floyd

Thursday Shorts: 05-21-2009

An O'keefe-ish view of the Mother's Day Calla from Holli
An O'keefe-ish view of the Mother's Day Calla from Holli

Find info about Floyd County Events at NRVNews

Floyd Downtown Jubilee June 20 ~ where Ron Campbell and I will be sharing a booth. Come by and see us!

Farm Fresh To You: Storage and Use Tips ~ To keep your Farm Fresh To You produce at its best, follow these easy storage and handling instructions. We’ve also included quick cooking tips, to help when slow cooking isn’t on the menu.

Don’t run with scissors: a UK vet uses (with permission) a picture of Tsuga running with a stick. Now THAT’S a real dog! The risks of injury from sticks is serious. Take a look, dog-owners. Serving suggestion: Tennis balls don’t cause esophageal punctures.

Help for Thunder-Phobic Dogs: Veterinarians Show Consoling Dogs Does Not Relieve Their Panic. So: no more cuddling on the couch in the middle of the wee-hours thunderstorm any more for you, sissy-dog.

Deer Attack: They’re Striking Back ~ Two separate attacks on people (one child and his father seriously injured) have happened in Pulaski County. Don’t think because you see them placidly munching your hostas that they are not potentially dangerous.

Garden Violation ~ Probably the culprit is that fat ground hog we’ve been seeing brazenly lumbering along the road. There once was a near-ripe strawberry. Then there wasn’t. So our confidence that smaller critters were not getting in through the cattle panel fencing has been breached, and it looks like I’ll need 200 feet of chicken wire for the bottom. That will help with rabbits but not crows; and I’ve seen groundhogs on top of wooden signposts so they can climb. The Battle of the Vegetables escalates.

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