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This is Winter?


I’m sorry, but for winter images I’ve gone back to February past. Today, we’re expecting temperatures in the low 70s. I had planned to cut firewood, but that seems unlikely. It will be too warm. The ticks will be out. The road is a muddy mess–turned to slop the way it usually does–in mid-March.

We’re talking with our contractor friend again today about getting up 10 foot posts and a bit of a tool shed toward what we hope will be our first successful gardening year following several years of planting a “Deer Salad Park”.

It promises to be a busy time by April. The “tweens” during which I had hoped to sandwich some actual accomplished work goals are disappearing. It is no longer winter. It is not quite spring.

I miss writing. I miss my camera. I miss the smell of garden soil. Its time to get the gears to mesh again, gain traction, steer wisely. Life is short.

6 thoughts on “This is Winter?”

  1. “Deer Salad Park” Har. That’s rich. Well, the weather’s weird, but today should be a good one to get some sun and beat down the melatonin winter blues a bit. It’ll apparently turn more seasonable later in the week. Besides, isn’t this the month when it’s “in like a lamb, out like a lion?” If so, we might get hammered later.

  2. Thanks fred. We got ’em too in southeastern Missouri. I spotted them last week in a wet patch along the road. What’s this new bit of red, I thought, it looks like fall. And these hangers jostling in the breeze: fresh dead leaves?

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