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Fragments from Floyd

Cover back and front, Slow Road Home version 1 launch on April 26, 2006
Cover back and front, Slow Road Home version 1 launch on April 26, 2006

I offer the following as exhibit A in testimony to support the claim I make that, for months, I have been in a distracted, unproductive, disconnected funk:

I missed the ten year anniversary of the publication of Slow Road Home  (read: the drop-shipment of 1000 books to my back porch) on April 26, 2006.

Failing to notice such a major life milestone is not like the me I used to be before I lived full time, 24/7  in a two adult household. My life, including my internal rhythms, calendar, and agenda is now a shared experience and it is throwing me quite off my game.

But more about that another time. Meanwhile, I’ll send interested (or other) readers back to the one year anniversary and the tale of the first year of flying by the seat of my pants. Writing the book is just the beginning. Having it between covers is certainly not the end of it, but the start. And it goes on.

And heads up! I will soon be announcing a BOOK SPECIAL for the entire month of JUNE. You won’t want to miss this. (Or you might.) For those who have told me that you never got your loaned copy of SRH or WWH back from your sister or mother or neighbor, June will be the time to get your replacement.

And if you have been curious about my books, you’ll never get a better deal than I’m going to make available in about two weeks. So check back shortly for details.

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  1. I clicked on the link and was treated with a look aback to how it felt to be “naked and exposed” to the world after writing your first book. Bravo! Takes courage, but it’s soooo worth it, I would think! Hope to join the authors club someday!

  2. I must have been “on the road” on your first Anniversary. It was fun to now read your post from then. You are right, My loaned Slow Road Home has gone missing, so I will order another.

  3. I still have both of your books and just recently ran across them again when I was in the midst of reorganizing some stuff. It’s always a pleasure to sit down and read them.

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