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Fragments from Floyd

BOOKS: Remember Them?

Click the image for a printable Order Form. Do it NOW!

Okay. The “while supplies last” is a joke. Both books are printed and shipped as need arises now, so there’s ample to meet demand. The form is up, front blog page, waiting. For demand. Or just ask nicely.

Any orders I receive (either by use of the printed version of this form or via the Fragments Commerce Page link to PayPal) will go in the mail the day or day after they are received.

YOU could own the complete works of Fred First (except for ten years of blog posts, 12 total newspaper-column-years of grampa tales and eco-ruminations and 300 gallons-worth of conversation with friends over coffee.)

But you need to place your orders soon-ish, if December 25 has any significance for you.

NOTE: This post will stay up top for a few days, so scroll down for new entries. — FF

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