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Fragments from Floyd

Still is Still Moving

Inside the Covers: Synopsis for Book Table

There’s just enough forward motion on this rolling stone, a.k.a, my “dog and pony show” with the books and photo-essays, to keep moss off the rock.

Like the battlefield, there are long periods of boredom punctuated by brief periods of terror. June veers more toward the latter, but manageable with some forethought.

One of the things I’ve needed has been an at-a-glance page for the book table that gives a new potential reader a quick synopsis of both books and my writer’s voice and focus. You can click the image above for the full-page Scribd version.

If you’re a reader of either book and can offer suggestions for additional or edited “bullets” for an “about” synopsis, send them on. There are several new projects I’m ready to sink my teeth into (I still have my own!) but seems there’s not much time left to blog at times. This is one of them.

Off soon to town for a meeting, an inspection sticker and to Wills Ridge Lumber for some gardening and farm materials and lunch in town. Summertime–and the living is busy.

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  1. Your at a glance page is excellent, Fred. I can’t think of any way to improve on it. Have fun with all the busyness this summer. I hope you have some rewarding interactions and kindred spirits.

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