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Fragments from Floyd

Showing Your Cards

No, not that kind. I’m not one for those kind of games.

This is just a quick Saturday morning note to let you know that the Photo Note Cards are on the shelves at…

[su_highlight background=”#c8cfe2″ color=”#191f5a”]▶ The Floyd Country Store in downtown Floyd.
▶ Chateau Morrisette Winery Tasting Room Store[/su_highlight]


With regard to the latter, I was to provide five packs of each of the five sets to the Winery store yesterday.  I could have taken them jumbled in an empty cardboard box. Instead, I packaged them in the only perfect carrier I had. It is a simple wooden box for which I cannot remember its source. I left it with them. Now I need a few more.

They were delighted to already have display built in with the product, and will put this on the main checkout counter by the cast register. This means folks doing general browsing will not see them; but it also means that impulse purchases at check-out go way up. We’ll see.

If anybody has a notion about where to buy these roughly 5″ x 10″ boxes, please let me know. Failing that, I’ll be begging a friend with woodworking tools to rip me some pieces that I can nail and glue and stain. I need another four of these.

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If you’d rather shop from home, you can order directly through Etsy online, by browsing  here at Fragments or directly at Goose Creek Goods Etsy storefront. 

3 thoughts on “Showing Your Cards”

  1. Very cool display, Fred. I think checkout is a fantastic space to place your cards. They are an impulse buy, for sure. My best wishes for your business venture!

  2. Gary, that’s mighty close, if a little longer, wider and higher than the one I had and gave away. But I’ve talked my neighbor into making me a couple. He has some cypress he doesn’t know why he’s saving, so I thought it would be neighborly of me to give him a project! I might order a few of the larger trays anyway, since if this operation mushrooms (right!) I’ll need dozens of trays! : > }

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