About Slow Road Home

Friday 5 May 2023

I’m happy to say that this long, neglected website is under active redevelopment, and is about to go live. What that means exactly for the future of new words and pixels, and Fragments from Floyd remains to be seen; but at least the work has begun.

I will be adding to this page to revise it, and make it relevant to what has happened to the books in the writing over the years. Check back soon.

Slow Road Home (2006) is a book I did not write as a book. Rather, it grew day by day, beginning in June 2002, as a way of finding my way forward after a major “course correction.” That break with routine and role lead me to discover much about my place in the world, and eventually gave me a story to share–in a hundred short passages–that is now Slow Road Home: A Blue Ridge Book of Days.

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