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Fragments from Floyd

100% Beef-ish: Show Don’t Sell

Wall-e meets Gromit goes grocery shopping. Chipotle scores in this un-commercial info-tainment animated moral tale. We have become the undead among unfoods. There is another way to feed ourselves. â–¶ Slow foods, local foods: buy â–¶ Fast foods, long-distance foods: sell [su_youtube url=””] Read more… What Does ‘The Scarecrow,’ Chipotle’s Animated Ad, Tell Us About … Read more

Terra sapiens: On Our Beholding to the Soil

After a recent, much needed, early spring rain, I stood in the soggy fenced rectangle of the garden, taking it in. I stirred aimlessly with my boot at some old tomato vines and mulch, and uncovered my first earthworm of the year. In that instant, our worlds collided. And while I’m sure the nightcrawler gave … Read more

Creek Jots ~ 2010-05-18

☼ This buzzard probably weighed a few extra pounds from all the rain it soaked up Saturday night. His silhouette made for an eerie sight, perched atop the dead hemlock–carrion feeder sunning from a remnant skeleton tree whose demise was the result of an alien invasion of tiny tufts of white death. ☼ This Saturday, … Read more