Are You Fiddling While Rome Burns?

I am all over the map these days–geographically, with far more airport time than I prefer–and scattered, too, in my poor abilities to draw a bead on a target for my time and energy. There are so many global-issue writing targets worth aiming at. I feel the confusion of a hunter confronted not with too […]

Oil(s), Art and the Environment

Atlanta artist Damon Carter paints from the bank of Goose Creek on recent June day. He’ll have a finished oil painting of our oft-depicted barn soon, and I’ll share the link–and possibly the possibility to obtain it for your walls. As you can see if you click to view the larger image, I rendered Damon […]

Polar Bears Climb Cliffs to Eat Bird Eggs

So what if birds fly south later or polar bears have to leave the disappearing sea ice earlier. Big deal. What do we care, say those who are happy if their own personal plans are not threatened this week by global climate chaos. Tell that to the snow geese and murres. Polar bears are becoming […]