Traveling Hopefully

So I had this notion a month or so back that my experience as teacher, speaker, field trip leader and engaged citizen would mesh nicely before small groups of folks who come to Floyd County lacking any depth to our natural or human communities here. Well, you know about plans. Mr Murphy is always ready […]

Black and White: Mt Laurel

If you drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway in late May and early June, you’ll be missing the forest for the trees if you don’t stop your car, get out, and walk along the forest edge. You’ll see, hear, smell or otherwise learn something just about anywhere you do this. Walking speed allows our senses […]

Showing Your Cards

No, not that kind. I’m not one for those kind of games. This is just a quick Saturday morning note to let you know that the Photo Note Cards are on the shelves at… [su_highlight background=”#c8cfe2″ color=”#191f5a”]▶ The Floyd Country Store in downtown Floyd. ▶ Chateau Morrisette Winery Tasting Room Store[/su_highlight] With regard to the latter, I was […]

Frozen Peas: Thousands Die Young

I have been feeling the pain these past few well-below-freezing April mornings knowing what our local vegetable farmers are suffering at the hand of winter that won’t give it up. Thousands of tender sets and sprouts in long rows, the results of hours of back-bending work and tedium, lay limp and lifeless in the cold […]