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Fragments from Floyd

Quietude: A Sweet Fragrance to the Ear

Image by fred1st via Flickr From Road Less Traveled column, Floyd Press, 17 June 2010 Can we sustain in our corner of southwest Virginia those amenities and virtues that make it a highly-livable place? We want to perpetuate the abundance of healthy local food, untainted and ample water, and a clear, odorless and breathable atmosphere. … Read more

Alligator-back Formation: I’m Glad I Asked

Why do the rocks at 3200 feet at the “very edge” of the Blue Ridge look as if they were laid down by water, layer after layer, when it is from harder, igneous rock that this geological province is formed (at least in my limited understanding?) Horizontally-layered dark mica-flecked rocks jut out across the ridge-tops … Read more