Doubt-mongering: Undead in Our Times

I’ll just give you home work this morning. Read all of the quote below from the book, Merchants of Doubt, by Naomi Oreskes. Watch the video of her presentation. (> 1 hr) Buy the book for yourself for Christmas, then loan it out widely among your doubt-ridden friends: it’s not entirely their fault. They’ve been […]

Polar Bears Climb Cliffs to Eat Bird Eggs

So what if birds fly south later or polar bears have to leave the disappearing sea ice earlier. Big deal. What do we care, say those who are happy if their own personal plans are not threatened this week by global climate chaos. Tell that to the snow geese and murres. Polar bears are becoming […]

We Can’t Stop Climate Change. But We Can Act.

In the face of challenge, there is hope, McKibben said. “There’s no guarantee we’ve started in time,” he said of citizen action on the 350-goal. “But at least we’ve started.” More than 4200 climate actions in at least 170 countries: yes, I think we’ve started. And finally, the churches are coming on board.  Here’s a […]