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Fragments from Floyd

Shale, yeah, This is Important!

Image by fred1st via Flickr If you’re not current with the issues surrounding the drilling and “fracking” of horizontal bores into deep Appalachian shale for the purpose of methane extraction, it’s important that we become informed NOW so that public involvement can bring this industry into compliance with the Clean Air, Clean Water and Clean … Read more

Creek Jots ~ 2010-05-18

☼ This buzzard probably weighed a few extra pounds from all the rain it soaked up Saturday night. His silhouette made for an eerie sight, perched atop the dead hemlock–carrion feeder sunning from a remnant skeleton tree whose demise was the result of an alien invasion of tiny tufts of white death. ☼ This Saturday, … Read more

Water Wealth: our Blue Gold

Will there be enough to go around in tomorrow’s world? How to have adequate water for all who need it on the global scale has become as urgent and compelling an environmental issue as how to avoid too much atmospheric carbon dioxide. But unlike the invisible, tasteless, odorless greenhouse gas whose levels are near or … Read more