Alternative Energy: Business as Usual. With Less Carbon.

I’m looking at the party-line storybook future, and it seems that they all lived happily ever after! It’s a win-win.  Big Carbon gets to stay in the game for another generation by offering a golden “natural gas bridge” to a better future for mankind and the planet. For our sakes, they will drill baby drill […]

Earth Day on Floyd Time

Yes, the official Earth Day was Wednesday, April 22. We’re just being very intentional and making the day accessible to working parents and their children, farmers and out-of-town visitors.  Below are the details. See you there! [su_divider top=”no”] Floyd Virginia Earth Day Celebration on Saturday, May 2, 2015, at the Floyd EcoVillage on Franklin Pike. […]

Earth Day: We Couldn’t Stay Here Without You

April 22, 1970. None of the students I spoke to recently could tell me the year of the first Earth Day. After all, some of their parents weren’t even born yet. Those young people had no historical context of the event, had no sense of what lead up to that important day. And yet, it […]

Creek Jots ~ April 19

▶ First off, let me say the the doctor discounted the sudden lesion I reported yesterday as being related to or resulting from a tick. He called it a skin infection (one odd-looking puncture wound?) and put me on Doxycyclin–which is the same med that would be effective against Lyme Disease. So we’re letting sleeping ticks […]