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Fragments from Floyd

Many Parts Are Edible

Poor Euell Gibbons (See wikipedia). First, a counter-culture pop icon for his back to the land menus made most visible in Stalking the Wild Asparagus (1962). Then lampooned everywhere. Sitting at a picnic table on Saturday Night Live (maybe?) he takes out a pocket knife and begins to carve off and eat the shavings. “Many … Read more

Can’t Beat’em, Eat’em: Garlic Mustard

Image via Wikipedia This morning, after the soaking rain overnight, I’ll don the heavy-duty rubber gardening gloves and work in vain on the bank of the branch just out the back door and beside the big lilac bush to clear away the garlic mustard, a European invasive, Allaria petiolata, an over-wintering biennial first introduced in … Read more