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Fragments from Floyd

A little Goes a Long Way

Tomorrow, he said. Tomorrow, he’ll get back into the routine. Tomorrow will be the beginning of the chapter that ends with the first snow, the first travel interrupted, winter. But not today. Today, another session with the ink quill, and some kind of finished drawing when we’re done. Tomorrow, maybe time for a longer blog … Read more

Ground Ivy by Any Other Name

I was hanging out down below the bluffs, waiting on a load of wood from Jason, our local draft-horse woodsman, to bring us a load of tree-trunks. I noticed, in the planted pines that remain from the ignored “tree farm” of the early 90s and a previous owner, that the understory was covered in a … Read more

Can’t Beat’em, Eat’em: Garlic Mustard

Image via Wikipedia This morning, after the soaking rain overnight, I’ll don the heavy-duty rubber gardening gloves and work in vain on the bank of the branch just out the back door and beside the big lilac bush to clear away the garlic mustard, a European invasive, Allaria petiolata, an over-wintering biennial first introduced in … Read more