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Fragments from Floyd

A Horse is a Horse and People are Gray

I found myself whistling as we drove to or from a soccer game with the grand daughters over the weekend.

Why I retrieved this one particular tune from the cobwebs I will never know.

“I’ll bet you two don’t have any idea where that tune came from” I challenged.

They thought they sort of knew, but couldn’t come up with the name of the show.

I even gave them a hint. It’s about a horse, I told them.

“OOOH I know! I know!” exclaimed Taryn, the six year old. Her older sister snorted. “You do NOT know what you’re talking about.”

I relented. “The show was called Mister Ed.” To which Taryn offered…

“Yeah, I saw that and there was a parrot and gray people.”

Bingo. A 1961 sit-com. Black and white. Gray people.

[She even got the details right. Season ONE episode 9: Mister Ed teaches some new phrases to a visiting parrot.]

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