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Fragments from Floyd

Baby Henry Update

We are on the move, so not much time for writing before getting on the road again. I’ve had questions from those who remember the events around our grandson, Henry’s birth in September two years ago. How is baby Henry, they want to know, because the story just sort of stopped. There were constraints against sharing at that time, but those have since both passed and been resolved in Henry’s favor.

So I asked my son if it would be okay to tell Fragments readers about Henry. The telling will have to wait. But here’s a video from yesterday that tells some of the story.

And little Henry will have a new baby brother this summer. We are, of course, thrilled.

6 thoughts on “Baby Henry Update”

  1. Can’t actually watch until I get home later tonight but I am happy to hear good news. What I also want to know is when Nate will publish a book about walking home.

  2. That just looks weird! Dear readers, please know that I am SINGING in Henry’s ear — not gnawing it off! Thanks to everyone for all their well wishes for Henry over the years. As Dad said, sorry we sort of dropped off the map — that wasn’t by our own design; we were in a legal case and were advised to stay mum for quite a while. Any rate, I may send an update through Fragments sometime; many of you were incredibly thoughtful and compassionate when Henry had his rough start, and it carried us. Thanks…

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