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Fragments from Floyd

Where the Home Fires are (not) Burning

We surely did not come to the coast this far south for the balmy weather compared to the mountains. It has been bone chilling in Wilmington.

But just a year ago, we’d have been a lot colder and had to travel a lot farther to see our grand daughters and their mom and dad in South Dakota. So we’re not complaining.

We’re heading back this morning, without the freezing rain that almost aborted our trip mid-way on Friday.

The house will be well chilled, being heated only enough by the propane wall heaters to keep pipes from freezing. The warming trend is appreciated before the next onslaught.

It will take a good 24 hours running both wood stoves to heat the living space and the structure itself, so that it’s uniformly comfortable. There have been reasons we’ve never traveled during the winters since taking roost in Goose Creek.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of Floyd-centric links to keep you in the loop.

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  1. Wow! Sustain Floyd is really ammking an impact. The pocket farm workshop sounds really exciting. I can imagine how satisfied you are feeling for having been involved in developing this organization. Very worthwhile effort indeed.

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