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Fragments from Floyd

A Fool and His G-mail Account…

They English is not well
They English is not well

…are soon parted.

Should they ever gain access in Nigeria to even ONE person who has command of English as it is spoken and written in the US, they might be dangerous.

As it stands, it doesn’t take much of a look to spot problems Google would NOT make. I don’t have time for this. Creeps.

8 thoughts on “A Fool and His G-mail Account…”

  1. Delete … chuckle …. delete …. laugh …. delete, delete, delete. The Nigerian scams are so much fun to read. What is more troubling are the well-written ones – they really give you pause as you consider how many people fall for them. Sad.

  2. Its sad really. Makes me feel sorry for the ONE actual honest person from Nigeria trying to do business. LOL

  3. You might be surprised to learn that the Nigerian scam generates in excess of $160,000,000 annually. There are more sophisticated scams currently, with one Nigerian-style model in particular that has been tailored to specific industries. For example, there is a horse boarding scam, “I’m being sent to study in the U.S., my parents want to pay in advance for 12 months of horse boarding services….” Crazy.

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