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Fragments from Floyd

A little knowledge is dangerous

Yes, I know you’re seeing double (at least at 2:30 pm on Monday 23 July) just moments after I “fixed” something and things went all ta heck.

Our technical support team is working on it.

Lunchtime today, the chili on the stove burned, filling the house with smoke, because SOMEBODY turned off the sound on the microwave timer.

The gas company repair man who arrived just before the chili event can’t find where the gas leak is in our bedroom wall, and it’s looking like we’ll have to cut a huge hole in the wall to get to the offending rotten-egg smell generating leak.

There’s gotta be one of Mr. Murphy’s laws that can describe the entropy and frustration of a day when 36 hours of work needs doing and the 24 hour day is one constant interruption and screwup.

I shoulda stood in bed.

UPDATE 4:20 Self-induced problem fixed. Thanks again, GB. I’m going to copy the original script for all the theme and css stuff before I get too big for my britches again and pretend I know what I’m doing.

3 thoughts on “A little knowledge is dangerous”

  1. I know Mr Murphy and his law very well! The thing I try to remember everytime he shows up in my life is the following. Trouble is like bananas, it comes in bunches. This came to pass and not to stay. This too will pass!

    I don’t know why, but just saying this to myself seems to help me get thru it, and in the end something good usually comes from the struggle of a Mr Murphy day. Good luck.

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