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Aging in Place

And so this is where the actuarial rubber meets the road.

Baby boomers appeared of a sudden, historically. We swelled the ranks of the middle class. We demanded and got affordable housing just out of town, and cheap gas to get us back and forth to the places we spent our money.

Now we’ve grown up, grown old and grown to need a lot of new things that society is just now wondering how to offer to both the well-off and the not-so-well-off elders of our times.

Chief among these missing older-boomer things is a way for aging folks who have enjoyed those city edges and settled neighborhoods to stay in or near them when their physical, emotional and health needs become more demanding of the help of others in the context of a familiar and supportive setting for their final years.

Hence, “Aging in Place.” I attend a three hour meeting this morning at Hotel Floyd to discuss this complex issue, both at the personal and the community level. I rather dread being forced to look at the inevitable demands that come with inevitable decline and increasing dependency on community, neighbors and family.

But face it we must.

Some gathered resources from a quick overview this morning:

► Age In Place | The National Aging In Place Council

► Aging in Place |

► Aging in Place and Senior Resources

2 thoughts on “Aging in Place”

  1. We are so lucky in our community. When a nonprofit community hospital closed, the assets were converted into a non-profit that provides all sorts of heath services for the community, including lots of senior assistance.

  2. Aging in place, buzzwords for our generation. Some of us can only hope and dream about it, while others have the necessary services in abundance! Anyone with a topped-up portfolio will be okay, but most of us are wondering how to fill in the gaps between the money we have and the services we will need. I know I’m not alone in worrying about it!

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