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Fragments from Floyd

Ah Spring

First for the Firsts: today, the first hummingbird, scarlet tanagers, and this morning at dawn, a whip-poor-will. Perfoliate bellworts bloom yellow across from the fern cliffs by the barn. Fiddleheads of Christmas Fern are well up and Interrupted Fern already with the black spore-leaves interrupting the green frond. Spring rushes in.

Upcoming events: This time next week, I’ll be on a field trip at the Mt. Rogers Naturalist Rally. Later in the day ( at 1:00) I’ll be part of a nature-writing workshop. It should be interesting.  Links: Rally and Workshop.

Cryptic Announcement: I’ve heard from quite a few Fragments folks in the past suggesting the idea of a photographic calendar. It’s gonna happen. More details as they come together. Yea! Something else to do! Free from boredom at last!

First Mention: I’ll be a featured author at the Open House at Roanoke’s NPR station, WVTF, on Friday May 15 from 5 to 7. More details to follow.

And then there were none: A truckload of books was coming! No, a just case of books was coming. No, a single copy is coming. No, no books coming after all until Wednesday. You wouldn’t believe…this book has found the Bermuda Triangle of self-publishing!

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3 thoughts on “Ah Spring”

  1. I hate to see you having all the trouble with the books, but I suppose it builds suspense eh? I love the calendar idea….just make sure Tsuga’s involved somewhere 🙂

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