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Fragments from Floyd

Alive and Well and Living in WI

Just a quick word that I’m fully installed in the SEJ conference, right this moment hearing Al Gore answer questions from a very long line of folks who will never get their turn. More more more speakers coming until late tonight. I’m tweeting more than blogging, battery life of laptop a limiting factor. Didn’t bring flash so won’t even try in this audiorium to take pictures. To Aldo Leopold’s “shack” on Saturday and maybe some images from that.

So just to tap in briefly for those who might wonder how things are going. I’m okay.

And I have an idea I’ll have some different things to write about when I get home.

2 thoughts on “Alive and Well and Living in WI”

  1. I’d be interested in what Al, I invented the internet, and I discovered the love canal, Gore had to say. Giving credit where credit is due he did spearhead the global warming/climate change movement, although some of his ideas are opinions and not fact.

    Altogether a good guy, I am glad he speaks for the planet.

  2. If you felt the need to have new things to write about in your blog, then that is yet another reason it was a good idea for you to go to this conference. Enjoy the remainder of it, especially Aldo Leopold’s shack.

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