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Fragments from Floyd

All Thumbbs

So. This is my first post to Word Press.

I am typing in the dark while our friends upstairs sleep. My fingers fumble on a strange keyboard. I peer into a screen whose resolution is set for the pre-kindergarten members of the family. And where is FireFox?

Nothing is automatic. This is going to take some getting used to. Now which of these pedals is the clutch?

Hmmm. Is there not a preview function? And what happened to blogger’s text color in the edit menu? Are there plug-ins that beef up the WYSIWYG editor?

There’s a lot to like in WP, and a lot to get used to doing without. Blogger wasn’t all bad, but just quirky enough to drive me batty. And oh, I hope when all the smoke clears, I can finally edit blogrolling again; that my Adsense ads reappear; that I am no longer invisible to Google Analytics; and that my rss feeds work consistently for everyone. 

Those improvements will be broken “features” of the former blog I will NOT miss. 

Of course I’ll be interested to see what posting images is like here. That will have to wait a few days til we’re back in pocket. Good to have the move behind me.

4 thoughts on “All Thumbbs”

  1. One step at a time! I feel for your struggle into the unknown! Everytime I change even the smallest thing, I struggle and stumble through it, and usually mess up something else in the process. When at last I finally finish, it’s such a relief and I never know how I actually accomplished it, but I’m so proud of myself for doing it anyway. I think of it a good brain exercise. I look forward to your accomplishments!

  2. Fred, there is a “hotkey” I just found out about that opens an additional toolbar in the WYSIWYG Editor. Just hit alt-shift-v (Firefox) or alt-v (IE) to toggle it. It has some of what you are looking for…

  3. My blog is done with WordPress, but I don’t do the programming. I have a clever web master (son-in-law) who takes care of all of that for me.

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