And the Rivers Turned to Blood

And we’re not talking mildly pink. The Yangtze in China (a massive volume) is running scarlet, and all the “explanations” I’ve seen don’t really hold up.

But then, neither does this “explanation” I found for the red river.  I’ll not honor this with a link. But than heavens–Mitt can save us!

God is sending a clear message here. He wants America to vote for Mitt Romney, so the Chinese can have jobs and work for strong American businesses. God wants the Chinese to make American their national language and Christianity their official religion, so they can prosper just like our friends the Japanese. If China only flies under the banner of America, they can be prosperous and have our wealth trickle down to even their smallest villages.

Let us hope China gets the message and supports Mitt Romney from afar. Let us hope China is not suffered to endure plagues of locusts, Mexicans, Twilight blood moons and everything else that signals the apocalypse of a nation.

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  1. I read a few articles about this a few days ago. Yes, the comments are more worrisome than the river. If I were God, any of them, I would be ashamed.

    Equally frustrating is the obvious lack of information posted by whatever now passes for journalism. Simple questions.

    If we are so advanced in technology and China is supposedly the brightest in the world, why is it a mystery? How about taking some water samples? If it has a point of origin, wouldn’t that be easy to locate?

    Amazing contrast if we are supposed to believe we know the composition of Mars, or anything else in the cosmos.

    Slightly on topic and also part of your recent other fragments is to ask if you are familiar with I’ve been a daily visitor for more than 10 years and probably found it looking for free greeting cards. Then I became a daily clicker in the Click to Donate section. Your concerns don’t exist in a vacuum and there are hundreds of non political concerns regarding human occupation of the planet.

    You can comment and share information there. You can participate by signing petitions and you might learn something as well.

    This also answers your question about your vague expectations. I have Myspace and Facebook accounts only to be informed about what they are and what goes on there. You will be disappointed in conversations and you won’t have time to follow everything other people share. Or you can find a FB account with thousands of friends and many one sentence comments that say nothing.

  2. I don’t know who is supposed to follow up on these stories after the WOW has faded. I guess it’s me this time.

    Will anyone discuss why nothing seems to have changed since the first reports? This fellow writes an article and makes an observation from Google satellite pics? I think it’s an alien invasion. Why not, the comments are supernatural.

    The only mystery is why nobody has simply reported analysis of water samples. Just think how many industries need to know what is in the water if they use it for industrial processes. What about the water treatment plants (they must have some) that attempt to provide potable water. How about the farmers, crops or fish, that are impacted by funky water?

    Why o why? This is the sort of thing that eliminates any reason to take a side, or hope for a solution to global warming, climate change, or anything far more complicated than identifying what is in this river and why. The photo hoax portion is another topic about how technology is often abused.

    Bahhh. I only posted this article because it had the most recent date in my simple search.

  3. Jeff, I share your perplexity. I set up a google news alert, and have gotten nothing in the past several days, and before that, only the same rehash of the know-nothings. But then this is China we’re talking about. Even in the age of cell phones and the internet, there’s a bit of a bamboo curtain.

  4. Not good enough Fred considering how involved we are engaged in multi national trade. It doesn’t require a ninja squad or top secret covert operation to obtain a sample.

    The same could be said when talking about the secret recipe of fracking fluids. Discussions talk about millions of gallons of the stuff flowing out of control. I can’t even come up with a theory to explain why samples aren’t collected and analyzed for content.

    Some things are complicated, these two items aren’t.