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Fragments from Floyd

And When the Sun Returns: Ramble!

solartour480Yes it’s been a while and will be yet another several days before we see blue skies and bright sun again. But when we do, it will remind you to order tickets for this unique Floyd County event: the Solar Home Ramble on October 17. [Click the banner above for more details about this event.]

There will be eight homes (some on-house, some free-standing installations), three businesses and one farm for you to visit, and at each site, you’ll get ideas of how you might make the sun work for you at your house, business or farm. Talk to the owners about their solar experience–or their arts, crafts or music. These are Floyd Folk, after all!

This SustainFloyd event will give you an opportunity to range across the county and see some back roads and rural landscapes that are pleasantly familiar or totally novel–and probably more of the latter.

TICKETS! What a great GIFT to someone you know in Roanoke or Charlotte or some other place off-mountain to come up with a purpose during the Leaf Peeping Season. The event ends at the Floyd EcoVillage with a short presentation by the experts AND a cash bar.

Drone's-eye view of one of the Floyd Solar Home Ramble sites you'll see.
Drone’s-eye view of one of the Floyd Solar Home Ramble sites you’ll see.

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