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Armed Guard Rolls Royce Shipping?


How hard could it be to find a carpet mat to replace the one that is cracking to pieces under the feet of my office chair?

Ah…I see Amazon has one for a good price, and it’s just the dimensions of the one I now have and should fit perfectly. Think I’ll just do the “One-CLICK” purchase and be done.

But wait: there are two reviews for this $27 item. What could there be to say that would help me make this easy choice? Man, I’m glad this emptor caveated. Check out the shipping cost! It thought the reviewer must have been wrong about that.

But when I reached the checkout stage, there it was: EIGHTY freakin’ dollars to ship an item that is NOT very heavy. You gotta be kidding!

Think I’m ever gonna 1-click again without checking S&H? Hmmmm….

2 thoughts on “Armed Guard Rolls Royce Shipping?”

  1. Boy Fred, you could have bought the same thing from a local office supplier for $19.99. I know you live in the boonies, but I think your gas to and from would have cost less than that S & H. LOL! I hope you canceled right away, that is if you can cancel one click.

    I tried one click once myself, and it cost me a few dollars I wasn’t expecting, but not even close your $80, so I’ve never used it again. Thanks for the warning, now I never will.

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