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Fragments from Floyd

Baby Henry: an Update

Baby Henry Dillon First born September 20, 2009

Some of you will remember back in September when our family story turned a tragic page. Our grandson, Henry, did not come easily or well into this world. But he is now four months old and facing a very uncertain future except for the assurance that his mother and father will give him every opportunity to grow and to reach his greatest potential, whatever that measure may be.

Of note is the fact that since Henry’s birth, our English major son Nathan has decided to go back to school with a long-term goal of applying to medical school. This is an ambitious hope even under the best of circumstances, but he can rest assured that his mother and father will give him every opportunity to grow and to reach his greatest potential whatever that measure may be.

He is taking algebra and chemistry this term. Coming back to mathematics for the first time since high school he finds exciting, in his words “as if I have rediscovered a major food group I have long been living without.”

So, I thought there may be some of you who would be interested in following our Henry and his family. There is now a blog for that purpose, and I know Henry’s mom and dad will appreciate knowing you are out there, supporting them with your thoughts and prayers as we are.

7 thoughts on “Baby Henry: an Update”

  1. Thanks for the update, Fred. I’ve wondered how Henry’s been doing, so it’s good to see the photos and hear how everyone’s been these past four months.

  2. Yes I went to the blog this morning, and left a short note.

    I am keeping all of you in my prayers………especially little Henry.

    I also told them that I was still e-mailing Old Man First, up in them hills of Floyd VA

    Tell Ann I say hello!, and give Tsuga a good dog bone !!!


  3. Thank you for this update on little Henry. I have wondered how he and his family were doing. What a little cutie. I will save the blog address. Thank you for it.

  4. I already have Henry’s blog on my favorites…and our prayers are for him and the family. My son is in his third year of orthopaedic surgery residency…it’s a demanding path with low pay (while a resident) and many hours but he loves it.

  5. I got an invite to the blog and went to read and leave a note. I have a granddaughter one month older than Henry, and it sounds as if Henry’s capabilities are not that different from hers, so I’m very encouraged.
    Nathan’s dream of being a doctor is a thrilling one, especially if math is a kick. He is ready for academia. The memorizing required of med students is daunting, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. I put my first husband through med school, and after the first year, it was a reasonable amount of work. The first year was hell.

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