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Fragments from Floyd

Barn Redux

image copyright Fred First
Thanks, Andy, for providing a caption for this image. All I expected was to put up the picture, but was pleased to find your perceptive words in a Flickr comment for this one this morning.

Some photos have a “being there” quality about them; maybe its something familiar about the scene which stikes a chord, maybe its to do with the clarity of the shot. Whatever it is, this is one of those. Obviously I’ve never been to Goose Creek (although I’ve heard a bit about it!) yet I can feel myself there, feel the chill in my fingers and cold air in my lungs, the stillness of the morning. Scenes and times like these I’ve known and loved. Maybe its because the scene has an air of suspended animation; soon the stillness will transition gently into the day’s activity – I almost expect to see Tsuga come nosing round the corner of the barn in a moment…

Oh, and from a purely photographic point of view, that reflection in the creek is magical.

Swing over and take a look at Andy’s photos of his travels in and about the peaks and glades of Western Europe and the UK.

3 thoughts on “Barn Redux”

  1. I can see why this is the most photographed barn in the county, it is very photogenic! Andy’s description says it all.

  2. And thank YOU Fred for the link. Quite a surprise to click on this post and find my own words staring back at me!

  3. Thanks for the link to Andy’s photos. He saw parts of Switzerland that I didn’t and they are magnificent!!

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