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Belkin: Think Again

I researched carefully. I chose a Belkin router that got good reviews. But only because others who had DEAD ON ARRIVAL units must have been too disgusted to post reviews. Not me.

Failing with tech support’s help to make the new N600 HD Wireless Dual-Band N+ Router operate as it should,  I was given two options:

1) return the unit, and after all the processing through Amazon had cleared (maybe a week, maybe two) Belkin would send me a replacement unit. Or….

2) for an extra charge, they’d get me one faster. UNACCEPTABLE. I already paid for a unit that would work. Cost for this failure belongs to the manufacturer, not the customer.

As other reputable companies do who value customer satisfaction and want their products to be know to be of consistent and good quality, Belkin should have Fed-Ex’d me a unit to arrive by the next business day with an RMA for the defective unit. They refused.

So I am letting anyone know who is searching for wireless routers, wireless router, googling for Belkin, for N600 HD Wireless Dual-Band N+ Router , or any similar terms to AVOID BELKIN unless it’s okay if you receive defective goods with replacement when Belkin gets around to it, no matter what you have going on in your business that depends on reliable hardware.

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