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Fragments from Floyd

Bent Mountain This Weekend

It has turned out, finally, to be a colorful fall, after taking its sweet time to color up.  So if  you’re looking for an excuse to take a drive across Floyd County at peak color, I have a serving suggestion.

Why not drive the Parkway from Mabry Mill to take Annie Lane (I think it’s called) at Milepost 135.9 over to 221. Then head towards Roanoke a few miles to Bent Mt.

The Mountain Faire and Foliage Artisan Craft Show will be held this Saturday at the Bent Mountain Center at 10148 Tinsley Lane, Bent Mountain, Virginia 24059. Time: from 10a until 2p. 

I have generally given up such events (until I have another book to offer) but made an exception because I am fond of the folks at Bent Mountain from past book-related speaking events there. So I will have my two books and 25 different photo-notecards for your somewhat early Christmas gift fulfillment needs. And just be happy to chat.

Regarding fall colors, the image below is from two weeks ago. Today every one of those maple leaves, so colorful in this image, is now in our driveway or our gutters. But I’m taking four hours away from raking to see you in Bent Mountain on Saturday. I’ll be looking for you!

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  1. This photo is a keeper. I was there last year and watched all those leaves fall. LOVE Virginia, think I’ll move there!!

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