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Fragments from Floyd

Best Laid Plans and Such

I was going to get to town to have the studded tires put on MY Subaru since we learned last time we tried to put them Ann’s Subaru that the tires are 16″ and her wheels 17″…and while in town, head to the library to finish a long blog post I’d been working on.

But no: a snow squall whiteout and driving behind the school bus (two hour delay to avoid wx-related probs and there it was in the very WORST of it) got me here too late to post as planned.

But I did want to pass this along, unadorned, to those who might venture outdoors tonight. It will be worth it.

Night Skies: Moon, Venus, Jupiter In Tight Company Tonight —,0,6269772.story
Mon Dec 01 2008 10:42:23 GMT-0500 (EST)

And after lunch, off to Blacksburg to get the gold crown replaced–the one I almost swallowed Friday night at dinner. GULP.

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  1. It’s not that I mean this in a negative way; but you don’t really seem like the gold crown kinda guy….I hope all goes well though. 🙂

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