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Fragments from Floyd

Bill McKibben: Floyd Country Store May 26

Bill McKibben's latest book
Bill McKibben's latest book

I only know what I learned from Woody Crenshaw’s email this morning, but I’ll rush to pass it along and add details as they become available:

Bill McKibben is coming to Floyd and apparently, a public meeting is in place for him to speak to the crown ostensibly on the matters of “growth versus progress” as he discusses at length in his latest book, Deep Economy. (Searching Fragments, I seem to have mentioned B McK more than 50 times on the blog over the years and have read his essays in Orion an other places for twenty years.)

I don’t know the history of how this event shaped up, but I plan to move heaven and earth (and my usual day in the clinic) so I can be there.

Floyd is poised to become a leader by example in “small is beautiful” economics and local markets and exchange. Can it prosper in this way and at the same time keep its human scale and authenticity?

Many people want to know: we love what we have here and know how easily it can be lost to strip-mallification and other bad ideas for small rural towns. Once Pandora’s box of bigger-is-better is opened, there’s no going back.

The meeting begins at 9:00 a.m. at the Country Store in downtown Floyd. More as it happens.

4 thoughts on “Bill McKibben: Floyd Country Store May 26”

  1. I agree about Pandora’s box…………….this is what happened to my hometown, Greensboro NC

    Traffic is awful, and development still seems rampant, even with store fronts empty……..

    what to do what to do…..progress is nice, but it would be great to keep the “human scale and authenticity of a small town/community.

    good luck


  2. Wow! That is a serious coup! I eagerly await details of how this came to happen. Congratulations!! I hope the event is well-attended and that lots and lots of Floyd Countians attend as well as folks from far away.

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