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Blogger Woes: Too Early to Declare Victory

Template hell. I was just about to announce my redemption from pergatory when, with the final tweaking of links and blog post title colors–nothing more–the Adsense sidebar blocks went wonky. Shucks.

I’m not sure I’ll stick with this exact configuration. And notice I lost the header with images. Somebody (Gary?) some while back sent me a new and improved script for the top banner plus images to replace the crude tables I had used before (and which my old template still uses.) If I can locate the better script, I’ll think about putting the old header back up. But no rush. I’m just happy not to have sent the whole thing up in smoke.

If anybody has problems viewing the page, do let me know. It looks alright to me, but different monitor resolutions, browsers, fonts and such can make a difference.

1 thought on “Blogger Woes: Too Early to Declare Victory”

  1. If it is supposed to be white text on a greenish blue background then all is fine. I do miss the header images though!

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