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Brain-Body Missing Bits Found

Screen Shot 93I don’t expect this causes much of a stir for most folks, but it certainly got my attention, especially after teaching Human A & P for so many years:

Recently discovered: previously invisible lymphatic vessels that connect the brain’s circulation directly to the rest of the body.

Missing link found between brain, immune system; major disease implications — ScienceDaily

Concealed by their fine structure and intimate association with blood vessels of the brain, these fine tubes could hold the secret to both disease and cure.

I’ve not been able to find more recent elaboration on this news, but it does seem to have been peer reviewed and valid as an observation.  The So-WHAT will have to wait, and I will be following with interest.

Alzheimer’s disease may be among those disorders to be better understood and possibly treated by the application of this new avenue of transport for immune cells and pharmaceuticals.

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  1. We can only hope that it will have some bearing on Alzheimer’s–the scourge of our generation! I didn’t click on the article, though. I try to read lighter stuff than ScienceDaily. (Quite an admission, I know!)

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