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Fragments from Floyd

Breakfast at the Market for Dad’s Day

So after a bit of rain to make our gardens happy, the weekend is looking SUPER for the SustainFloyd Market Breakfast for Father’s Day. You are coming? Right?

I will know if you are not there and make a personal follow-up to find out what terrible injury or unfortunate legal or domestic hindrance was the cause for our not seeing you there. I’ll be selling tickets–like hotcakes–from 8:30 to 10-ish.

🎯  For those of you who read this AND ASK for it, I will have twenty copies of What We Hold in Our Hands to give you for free–a neighbor to neighbor donation as long as supplies last.  🎯

The book’s focus on relationships to nature, place and community make it go well with solar-powered  buckwheat pancakes, scrambled (local) eggs and sausage, and Red Rooster Coffee.  You get music, and the price is right, yes? See you there!


2 thoughts on “Breakfast at the Market for Dad’s Day”

  1. Well, that is one way to clear your inventory. I just hope my book order that I am sending today will be able to be filled!

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