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Cheney’s Law

“For three decades Vice President Dick Cheney conducted a secretive, behind-closed-doors campaign to give the president virtually unlimited wartime power. Finally, in the aftermath of 9/11, the Justice Department and the White House made a number of controversial legal decisions. Orchestrated by Cheney and his lawyer David Addington, the department interpreted executive power in an expansive and extraordinary way, granting President George W. Bush the power to detain, interrogate, torture, wiretap and spy — without congressional approval or judicial review.

Now, as the White House appears ready to ignore subpoenas in the wiretapping and U.S. attorneys’ cases, FRONTLINE’s season premiere, Cheney’s Law, airing Oct. 16, 2007, at 9 P.M. ET on PBS (check local listings), examines the battle over the power of the presidency and Cheney’s way of looking at the Constitution.” PBS/Frontline

Following the broadcast, Cheney’s Law will be available to view on FRONTLINE’s Web site.

3 thoughts on “Cheney’s Law”

  1. I thought I was living in a democracy. I guess I was wrong. No other president has had this much power. Why sould President Bush have the power tomake these rediculous decisions? He is the president, not a king!

  2. Forrest Gump says:”Treason is…as treason does.” Look forward to the Frontline show and a dollar short tonight.

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